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Art.No. BAA27301011
Manual Hand Centrifuge without rotor

Maintenance-free, bench-mounted, manualThis convenient, manually operated centrifuge can be easily clamped to a bench or table - independently of an external power supply. Its self-lubricating gear makes it virtually maintenance-free.It can be operated with two different rotors.With rotor No. 27301014 conical 15 ml tubes can be accelerated to 1,300 RCF.Rotor No. 27301025 also accommodates a variety of other commercial tubes (also with round bottom) up to 15 ml.Max. length of the tubes: 125 mm,max. diameter: 17 mm,Max. RCF: 1,076.Dimensions (H x W x D) in mm: 285 x 140 x 175Weight: approx. 0.9 kg

Manual Hand Centrifuge without rotor
92.5 EUR
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