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Art.Nr. MD01025 W
MagSi-WAX, Gre: 1,2m, MagSi magnetic silica particles with weak anion exchange surface (WAX)
Laborbedarf, Molekularbiologie,Magnetic Beads

The MagSi-WAX (weak anion exchange) magnetic beads are the “counter” beads to the MagSi WCX beads. Binding, washing and elution are also triggered by the protein/peptide total net charge. The MagSi-WAX beads are ideally suited when more acidic proteins/peptides are expected in the sample. However, our protocols given in the corresponding product sheet cover buffer systems for acidic, neutral and basic conditions.Konz: 20 mg/mlSize: 1.2 mMagSi-WAX beads are magnetic silica beads with a high magnetic content optimized for protein and peptide separation. Since the MagSi-WCX and MagSi-WAX act as counter-beads, MagnaMedics recommends to test both types of beads, to see which suits best in your individual application. Magnetic silica particles with weak anion exchange surface (WAX). Similar to MagSi-WCX, MagSi-WAX is ideal for the reduction of protein or peptide complexity. Applications include sample preparation and pre-fractionation prior to mass spectrometry or SDS-PAGE analysis, biomarker analysis and serum /plasma profiling.

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