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Art.Nr. MD01011 W
MagSi-protein A 1.0, Größe: 1µm, MagSi magnetic silica particles with high quality, recombinant Protein A covalently bound to the particle surface
Laborbedarf, Molekularbiologie,Magnetic Beads

The ability of Protein A and Protein G to bind to Fc regions of immunoglobulins. After binding onto a magnetic beads with a coating protein A or Protein G, immobilized immunoglobulins can be used for immunoprecipitation of various biomolecules, or can be eluted in a native or denatured state.Konz: 10 mg/mlSize: 1 µmMagnetic silica particles with high quality recombinant Protein A covalently bound to the particle surface. Intended for IgG purification and immunoprecipitation.

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1 ml 105.00 EUR MD01011 W
5 ml 450.00 EUR MD02011 W

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