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Art.Nr. MD16001 WW
MagSi-STA 600, Größe: 600nm, MagSi magnetic silica particles with a monolayer of high quality streptavidin covalently attached to the bead surface
Laborbedarf, Molekularbiologie,Magnetic Beads

Different MagSi beads are available to easily and efficiently bind the target of your choice. MagSi beads can be used with different immunoassay methods and detection technologies currently available.Konz: 10 mg/mlSize: 600 nmMagSi streptavidin coated beads are efficient suspensions for sequence specific separation of DNA and RNA samples through biotinylated probes. As such these can be used to develop direct- and indirect hybridization based nucleic acid assays.

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2 ml 320.00 EUR MD16001 WW
10 ml 1160.00 EUR MD18001 WW

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