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Art.Nr. MD1101
MagSignal-STA 300, Größe: 300nm, 10mg/ml Superparamagnetic particles with high quality streptavidin covalently attached to the bead surface.
Laborbedarf, Molekularbiologie,Magnetic Beads

Intended for use with biotinylated antibodies as a detection label in magnetic immunoassays, or as solid support phase in immunoassays with other readout techniquesKonz: 10 mg/mlSize: 300 nmMagnetic immunoassays (MIA) use magnetic beads as detection labels instead of conventional enzymes, fluorophores, or luminescent molecules. The presence of magnetic beads is detected by a magnetic reader which measures the magnetic field induced by the beads. The signal measured by the magnetometer is proportional to the analyte. MagSIGNAL are superparamagnetic beads with a mean diameter of 300 nm and are suitable for magnetic immunoassays in a variety of formats such as conventional lateral flow tests, microfluidic applications and biochips.

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2 ml 765.00 EUR MD1101
10ml 2390.00 EUR MD3101
100ml a.A. EUR MD4101

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