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Art.Nr. MD01026
MagSi-TDMPREP is a sample preparation and clean-up kit for LC-MS/MS based therapeutic drugmonitoring (TDM).
Laborbedarf, Diagnostic,Analytic,Magnetic Beads

50 prepsProteins from whole blood, serum or plasma are depleted and the samples are purified from interfering compounds causing matrix effects. There is no need for further solid phase extraction (SPE) purification using MagSi-TDMPREPMagSi-TDMPREP has been validated for monitoring of immune-suppressive drugs from whole blood (Cyclosporin A, tacrolimus, sirolimus and everolimus).MagnaMedics demonstrated that paramagnetic bead-based protein depletion combined with two-dimensional chromatography in a LC-MS/MS work flow resulted in:1. full control on ion suppression effects and no matrix effects have been detected2. a total sample preparation time below 4 min3. full automation capability using micro-titer plates or tubes

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