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Art.Nr. MD60013 WW
MagSi-DNA cleanFIX, Magnetic bead-based kit for purification and concentration of DNA fragments from enzymatic reactions like PCR products, cDNA synthesis, enzyme restriction digestions and removal of DyeDeoxy™ terminators from DNA cycle sequencing reactions, for manual and automated workflow
Laborbedarf, Molekularbiologie,Magnetic Beads,DNA-Reinigung

The most efficient way to clean DNAMagnetic bead based MagSi-DNA cleanFIX offers one single product for efficient PCR clean-up and Dye terminator removal from DNA Sanger sequencing reactions, enabling researchers to address various genomic clean-up steps with the same product. MagSi-DNA cleanFIX uses flexible protocols and is easy to automate for high-throughput processing.High quality results:High yield of DNA products from 80 bp up to 30 kbExcellent removal of unincorporated nucleotides, primers, primer dimers and other contaminantsGuarantees reliable sequencing results through a high average signal strength, high trace score and long contiguous read lengthsOne single product to simplify your routine:Allows both PCR clean-up and Dye terminator removal in sequencing clean-upProtocols for 96 and 384 well PCR platesProtocols for 5, 10 and 20 ?l sample volumesProcessing of PCR fragments, plasmids and BACsEasy to automate:Fast and robust protocols resulting in a high through-put on automated systemsSingle magnetic bead reagent simplifies handling, system set-up and limits wasteOptimized separation performance using validated magnetic separators for 96 or 384 well PCR platesCompatible with many different automated liquid handling systems (e.g PerkinElmer, Agilent, Sias)Ask for replace Agencourt CleanSEQ® and AMPure® XP with with MagSi-DNA clean FIX on Automation Liquid Handling Workstations

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5000 / 10000 Aufreinigungen 1600.00 EUR MD60014 WW
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