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Art.No. BAA19900390
Multi purpose Cleaner Beeta 5in1, the Biological Cleaner use the natural power of red beet
brilliant dermatological attributes: qualified for sensitive skin or allergic person

Not use for marbel!!!

You are thinking: Cleaner based on beet juice is a contradiction????. Far from it: They are five cleaner in one

  • Multi purpose cleaner
  • Bath room cleaner
  • Window cleaner
  • Metal and precious metal cleaner
  • Smut eleminate
  • This patented cleaning agent based on renewable vegetable raw materials and use the natural power of red beet

    Product attributes:

    • Powerfull dissolution on every water- and acid-resistant surface for much kind of contaminations. for example:
  • residues of calcinantions in bath rooms
  • residues of corrosion on metals and and precious metals
  • residues of soaps in bath and shower tubs
  • fatty contaminations
  • problematical contaminations from marker or ball pens
  • residues of smut, nicotine or stickers
    • Generated brightness
    • Economical to dose and rational to all-purpose
    • Brillant dermatological attributes: qualified for sensitive skin or allergic person (grade from Dermatest GmbH, germany: Very Good
    • High eco friendless by natural substances

    knowingly choice of substances

  • beet juice extract
  • citric acid
  • fatty alkohols based on palmoil
  • tensids from sugar
  • etheric oils
  • sorbic acid
  • All used substances based on renewable substances and are quickly biodegradable.Never use synthetic escents, colorings, preserving agents, genetically modified enzymes, substances based on petroleum or animal experiments!!!

    Customer Value:

  • saving through one product, which replaced four other
  • housekeeping for all water- and acid-resistant surfaces
  • keep skin well and fit through renewable substances
  • high eco friendless through renewable substances
  • no dangerous, but no contact with children!!!
  • Price
    5,99 EUR

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    4 piece 5,60 EUR
    10 piece 5,20 EUR




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